Liat Ron: Middle Eastern Dance Performer


Born and raised in Israel, daughter of an Iraqi Jewish mother and a Russian Jewish father, fascinated by different cultures and synergetic possibilities, Liat began her Middle Eastern dance journey by training with Israel’s prime dancer Elina Pechersky. In New York she trained with Yousry Sharif at the Egyptian Academy of Oriental Dance.


Liat believes that Middle Eastern dance is the ultimate form of dance for women. She finds its elements inspiringly organic to a woman’s body and empowering in the most profound sense of the word, as opposed to other traditional forms, which celebrate rigidity much more than true freedom of the body and its expressive capabilities.


Liat is passionate about bringing the dance to the theatrical stage as much as possible, and has performed her dance in several plays, such as FCSJ's "Acharnians", WOW’s "Seven Layers of Skin" and Israel’s HaChan Theatre’s "The Eternal Triangle".


Selected New York re City staurant credits: “Piri's Grill”, “Byblos”, “The Magic Carpet”, “Kush”, “Al Baraka”.


Other performance credits include numerous parties, social functions and special events in New York as well as Tel Aviv.


Liat is also a Middle Eastern dance instructor, and teaches classes as well as specialized workshops.













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